diy beach treasury wind chime


As all my fellow travelers know well, I love the beach.  I travel to the coast as often as possible and am always coming home with treasures.  Eventually, these prized specimens seem to become clutter in my living space, which is far less than they deserve.  There are many ways to channel their beauty into functional and decorative memorabilia; shell boxes, decorative flower pot pebbles, picture frames, jewelry.  Having already made the aforementioned crafts, I recently decided to try my hand at some lovely sea glass wind chimes.  I was so happy with the outcome that I thought I would share this relatively easy and fun craft with you all.  This craft does require some tools.  If you do not wish to purchase these tools, a jewelry designing friend or possibly even a glass shop may be able to help you, but I say the tools are well worth it.  You can also purchase pre-drilled sea glass online, but it sort of cuts out some of the fun.


small hand held electric drill and a 1/18″ jewelry drill bit

waxed cotton or hemp fine gauge twine

sea glass or other beach specimens (shells, pottery, stones)

large piece of sea glass or a piece of driftwood

I am not going to include drilling instructions but you can find an excellent tutorial (which I used) via Sea Glass Jewelry by Ecstasea here.  You can also drill sea pottery, shells, and even small stones using this method.  Following the instructions provided via the link, drill a hole in opposite sides of each specimen.  Drill three or more holes in one side of your anchor piece and one in it’s top.

Once you have collected and drilled holes into your glass or other beach collectibles, the process is as easy as can be.  Simply begin stringing your objects.  Pull twine through each hole and tie in a running knot, leaving a 3 inch tail (make sure you add 6 inches too each cut of twine, as there will be two 3 inch tails per piece), about 1.5 inches up the twine, tie a second running knot and cut remainder of the twine off.  Continue with each piece until all are strung onto three or more separate strings and then string these onto your anchor piece using the same method.  If using a piece of driftwood, you can ether tie around the wood or drill a small hold through the center and secure using a bead and then your double running knots.

Once complete, use twine to create a hanging loop, again, use the same double running knot method to secure the loop.  What you are left with a treasured piece of collected memories that can catch light in your window or add music to the wind on your porch.

seagla seagl seag seaglas sea


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